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Christmas Cabinets Print

Recently I built and installed bookshelves and cabinets in the Corcoran home.  These cabinets were installed on either side of a brick fireplace in their family room.  The areas were begging to have something there instead of blank walls.  I wish we had "before" pictures.  But, anyway, check out the pictures after the installation.  This was a project where the homeowner and I teamed up to complete the project.  I built the bookshelves and cabinets and she finished them.  Then I went over and installed them.

These bookshelves/cabinets were built using solid maple faceframes and doors.  The carcasses were built using maple veneered plywood.  The effect is a solid maple project.  The homeowner did a great job on the finish which really helped complete the project. Since this picture was taken I have built and installed a new maple mantle between the bookcases (right under the picture).  We'll have to take some new pictures to  give the full effect.

Cherry Cabinets Print

I built these cherry cabinets in my own den.  They go wall to wall and include a section on the left that houses the television and a section on the right that houses the computer (behind the big doors).  I even designed and built the crown molding, which is made from three different pieces and assembled on the wall during installation.  The wood for the cabinets and crown molding was purchased from a fellow up in New York who cut down the tree for me, dried the wood, then delivered it down to me.  It makes for an interesting project.  I still have a little of the cherry left that I could use to build a project for YOU.